We define emerging creatives as current or recently graduated (<18 months) creative students. Through the platform as an emerging creative, you will be able to connect and collaborate with other emerging creatives, charities and small businesses. You will be able to do good while expanding your work experience, skills, network and portfolio!

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As a charity, we understand the importance of creativity and creative resources to ensure that you, as a charity, can continue to do more good. Through the platform, you will be able to connect and collaborate with mutually beneficial projects. We ask only that you pay what you can through a donation to Emerging Creatives For Good so that we may continue to do good and provide new and exciting opportunities for emerging creatives or donate to a charity of your choice and let us know about it.

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As a small business, you need to stand out. However, we understand that your budget for creative resources may be limited. Therefore, we ask you to pay what you can by donating to our charity as you collaborate and complete projects with the emerging creatives on our platform. So that we may continue to spread the goodness by continuing to build a robust platform to provide new exciting opportunities to emerging creatives. You can also donate to a charity of your choice. Just let us know about it!

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As a charity, we are on a mission to empower emerging creatives to connect and collaborate with charities, small businesses and other emerging creatives to work on mutually beneficial projects. We are currently seeking sponsorships to enable us to provide a robust platform to achieve our mission and allow us to spread the goodness.

Want to do some good by donating? Contact us at emergingcreativesforgood.com


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